Design Taken to Another Level

Peter Wirz, a successful industrial designer, will be one of the guest speakers in the upcoming lecture titled “Design Taken to Another Level”, on the 14th of October, organised by our company in collaboration with Laufen and the Cyprus Architects Association.

Peter Wirz has been developing products and service solutions since 1998 through his company, Venetica, an award-winning, international brand and design agency that designs products for a number of well-known companies like Laufen, Victorinox, BenQ, Wellcare, Gubelin and many others, delivering customer experiences and brand values.

Peter Wirz has developed several product lines for Laufen, such as: Laufen Pro, Moderna/Moderna R, Moderna Plus and Laufen Cleanet.

Laufen Pro, is a design line that applies the principle of ‘less is more’. An elegant, functional and extremely flexible line, attractively priced to be accessible to everyone.

Moderna is a Laufen Bathroom classic with a capital ‘C’. Practical, enduring and discreetly elegant, it internalises many Swiss design virtues into its products. Moderna Plus, is a high-quality bathroom range. The timeless and harmonious language of the Moderna Plus forms create a gently modern impression. Laufen Cleanet, the shower toilet with a timeless ceramic body, can blend seamlessly into any bathroom interior, thanks to the familiar aesthetics. The result is an improved level of hygiene, thanks to its intimate washing with pure water, with an uncompromised design standard for the bathroom.


Maria Vafiadis, is one of the speakers in our upcoming event to be organised by Laufen Bathrooms and the Cyprus Architects Association in Nicosia, under the name ‘Design Taken to Another Level’. Mrs Vafiades is the founder of MKV Design, an interior design studio that has been launched in 1999. She has since completed a great number of projects around the world, mainly in the hotel industry. Vafiadis is a very well-respected name in the interior design world, with work that demonstrates true versatility, novelty and uniqueness.

Vafiadis’ amazing portfolio rightfully gives her the title of the ultimate voice of luxury. According to her, the definition of luxury is a sense of time and space, that evolve according to how each of us perceives them. Luxury becomes an experience that design acknowledges. Therefore, design is more thoughtful in order to bring a sense of well-being, discovery and transformation.

One cannot find a single signature style in her work, but rather signature creative principles. She does not label creation with a specific identity. Instead, creation becomes an interaction between boldness and quietness, between classic and contemporary, as long as it is always engaging. Spaces that go beyond the expected and become captivating are her target. Unique spaces and not repetitive are important to her. Spaces that respect and honour the history and legacy of a place, creating a connection to the location is one of her endeavours.


The architectural and design world of Cyprus will have the opportunity to listen to Mrs Maria Vafiades share her experiences on the 14th October, at the State Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nicosia. The event is being organised in the context of the exhibition of the EU Mies Awards 19, to be held in Nicosia during October.