Presentations to architects and designers by Epifaniou and Laufen

The event titled ‘Design Taken to Another Level’, held on Monday October 14th at the State Contemporary Art Gallery in Nicosia, fully met the expectations of the architects and designers of Cyprus who attended. In their presentations, the internationally renowned designers Peter Wirz and Maria Vafiadis elevated design to the next level, developing their own unique approach to the subject.

The event was co-organized by Epiphaniou Bath and Floors, a department of Phanos Epiphaniou Ltd and Laufen Bathrooms, with the collaboration of the Cyprus Architects Association in the context of the EU Mies Awards 19 exhibition.

Peter Wirz, a successful product designer who signs several Laufen series, through his presentation of ‘Design Leadership-How design must be used strategically’, examined design through a very interesting and subversive perspective. According to him, design goes beyond the usual frames of beautiful images and takes on a leading role in the operation of an organization. It becomes the articulation of a company’s promise to its customers, it becomes part of the process for effectiveness and agility and it reflects the personality of the organization itself. Design guides and encourages people and it should be an integral and strategic element in any organization.

Maria Vafiadis presented her theme ‘Memories by Design’ through her experience in the interior design of the hospitality industry. Design should deliver positive experiences, be unique and help create unforgettable moments that exceed customer expectations. Through a rich photographic material of projects completed throughout Europe, Vafiadis shared her approach with the audience, explaining how memories are created through successful design. Luxury, cosmopolitan air, timeless elegance, respect for cultural heritage and memorable experiences are just a few words that can describe her work.

Peter Wirz’s design lines as well as all Laufen design lines are on display at Epiphaniou Bath & Floors stores.