Find the floor/wall of your dreams

Looking for a floor?

Flooring comes in so many inspiring types and styles. With all those options, finding the right floor for you can be overwhelming.

how to choose the right flooring for your kitchen or bathroom?

Choosing the right floor for your room can be quite the challenge. We’ve gathered up a few points to consider while choosing a floor as well as highlighting the best BerryAlloc® flooring options for each particular room.

Take a moment to imagine the right floor in your home.

Looking for a new interior and want to get inspired? Choose between our laminate, vinyl planks & tiles, high pressure floors, or parquet and upload any room in your house – whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, Floorfit will guide you to a floor that’s made for you.

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Oak Authentique 01 Bardenas BA_list

Oak Authentique 01 Bardenas

Oak Authentique 01 Lagune BA_list

Oak Authentique 01 Lagune

Oak Authentique 01 Pampa BA_list

Oak Authentique 01 Pampa

Oak Naturel 01 Pampa BA_list

Oak Naturel 01 Pampa

Oak Naturel 02 Abyss BA_list

Oak Naturel 02 Abyss

Oak Naturel 02 Canopee BA_list

Oak Naturel 02 Canopée

Oak Naturel 02 Carrare BA_list

Oak Naturel 02 Carrare

Oak Naturel 02 Celeste BA_list

Oak Naturel 02 Celeste

Oak Naturel 02 Nature BA_list

Oak Naturel 02 Nature

Oak Naturel 02 Savannah BA_list

Oak Naturel 02 Savannah

Oak Pur 01 Carrare BA_list

Oak Pur 01 Carrare

Oak Pur 01 Nature BA_list

Oak Pur 01 Nature