Holistic design: Shower WC

Shower toilets are currently in trend, because more and more people appreciate the hygienic comfort and the health advantages which are provided by intimate cleaning using pure water.


In order to present the best possible WC in this product category, the Swiss bathroom and ceramic specialist Laufen and the Swiss technology company Noventa AG have combined their competencies in the Cleanet Riva shower WC. Cleanet Riva, which has already been awarded several high-profile design prizes, such as the Red Dot Award 2016, the iF Design Award 2017 and the Design Plus powered by ISH 2017, convinces with an integrated high-quality design in ceramics, together with technically sophisticated and user-friendly solutions.

The main advantage of a shower WC is increased hygiene, together with that feeling of freshness which it gives the user. At the same time, the added quality of life should not lead to less design quality. To satisfy both requirements to the highest possible standard Laufen has, together with the technology company Noventa AG, developed the Cleanet Riva shower WC, combining technical expertise with Swiss quality and design understanding.

Seen from the outside the shower WC is hardly different from a classic design WC, since at first glance only a completely closed ceramic body with an elegant design edge in the lower third is visible. Only when the eye catches sight of the stainless-steel rotary button on the WC seat is the additional comfort revealed. Laufen has masterfully succeeded in integrating the technology completely into the closed ceramic body, creating a timeless aesthetic, which is suitable for high-quality bathroom designs, harmonising perfectly with all of the company’s design solutions. In the dark an LED night light on the underside of the WC emphasises the body particularly beautifully, and provides orientation – it also serves as a signal light, which alerts the user to pending cleaning procedures or in case when service is required.


Cleanliness comprehensively defined

However, the real highlight with Cleanet Riva is the consistent and holistic approach to the subject of hygiene. Until now no shower WC on the market has defined cleanliness more comprehensively than the new shower WC from Switzerland. At the heart of the premium WC are versatile, intuitively operated shower functions, providing the user body-friendly cleaning and freshness: This includes a thorough standard function with selectable jet intensity, position and temperature, as well as a particularly strong power mode and a pulsating jet mode. A gentle lady shower with a separate jet, with individually adjustable strength, position and temperature completes the range of functions.

In order to ensure years of use for the shower WC, Laufen has developed a multi-stage hygiene concept which functions perfectly. All important parts are regularly cleaned and descaled in the process. The shower arm is flushed through before and after each use, and washed with a powerful water jet – and thus fully cleaned. In standby mode it remains behind a concealing ring, well-protected in the ceramics. If required, the nozzle can even be exchanged. For a comprehensive freshness experience, a fitted, replaceable carbon filter removes odours during each use of the toilet.


Shower WC with thermal cleaning

In addition, Cleanet Riva is the only shower WC where the entire water transportation system is also thermally cleaned at regular intervals. The 70°C hot water ensures that the tank and piping are always hygienically clean, without chemicals. A descaling function ensures that the issues that every coffee maker user knows are avoided: It ensures that no limescale collects within the system – extending the lifetime and preventing any build-up of micro-organisms.

Laufen’s position is that a holistic approach to hygiene also includes making the thorough cleaning of bathroom fittings as convenient and easy as possible for the user. For this reason, Cleanet Riva features a design which is free of dirt-collecting corners and joints, so that impurities can hardly take hold. The high degree of cleaning friendliness of the WC is contributed to by the finish of the ceramic material with the dirt-resistant LCC (Laufen Clean Coat), as well as the quick release function of the seat and lid. In order for the inner bowl to also be easily kept clean, the Swiss bathroom specialist has integrated its profound expertise in the field of flushing systems into the development process: Cleanet Riva flushes cleanly and powerfully, as is to be expected from Laufen, without any need for a flush rim or flushing tunnel.



Well-conceived operation

To make the operation as convenient as possible, Cleanet Riva uses a clever operating concept on two levels: In everyday use the shower WC is operated intuitively by turning and pressing the side-mounted button, ensuring easy use for house guests, too. The button permits safe regulation of the water quantity and the position of the shower arm, and can also use stored user profiles. The lady shower consists of a button with a lady symbol next to the operating button.


With the touchscreen remote control, on the other hand, the owner can manage the basic or detailed settings: for example the uncomplicated individualising of the factory settings for the Cleanet Riva, the setting-up of user profiles, and the management of the superordinate setting and maintenance functions, such as descaling and thermal cleaning. In addition, the remote control communicates with the user, informing for example when descaling or thermal cleaning is required, and features interactive operation instructions.

Simple installation and maintenance

Laufen satisfies fitters’ requirements with a special installation and maintenance concept. Cleanet Riva is installed using a base plate for wall mounting, and a matching plate on the WC – in this way the shower WC can be easily fitted and connected with the required utilities supply. In case of service requirement, the WC can be quickly and easily released by means of a pre-installed cable pull, whereby the matching plate remains on the wall, and the open components are accessible on the WC. On the underside of the WC there is also a service flap, providing easy access to the USB connection for the service technician’s analysis laptop, to the main switch and to the model type label.

Cleanet Riva is also naturally compatible with the practical Laufen Installation System (LIS), and can thus be easily and quickly integrated into pre-wall installations.


Cleanet Riva shower WC is exhibited in Epiphaniou Bath & Floors showrooms:

Nicosia: 77 Strovolos Avenue, 22441254,

Limassol: 66 Ag. Athanasios Avenue, 22387613

Pafos: 82 Mesogis Avenue, 26941702