New trends of 2019

At the beginning of each New Year we make resolutions and new plans concerning our goals, the challenges we face in our lives and even about improvements in our homes. We take the opportunity to welcome changes, in order to make new beginnings, or perhaps because we feel a need for renewal, or simply because we want to be in line with the new decoration trends. In this article, we present the new space decoration trends, as experienced during our latest visit to Cersaie, the largest and most famous exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishing, organized every year in Bologna, Italy.

Anyone can get inspired by the manufacturers’ new lines and try to implement them in their own spaces. Large tile slabs will continue to be the trend for this year, and most probably for the following years as well. The variety of colours and textures is impressive. Marble, stone, granite and cement look become part of the interior design with no functional limitations. The barriers between surfaces and furniture disappear, with the very same tiles turning into furniture, kitchen and bathroom countertops, doors, tables, cabinets and even window frames. Lightweight, versatile and with high aesthetic impact, large tile slabs create integrated environments, ensuring maximum freedom of expression and endless design possibilities.

Wood-effect ceramic tiles, although a trend that first appeared several years ago, evolves in colours, sizes and designs year after year and is perfected in texture. This offers the possibility to enjoy the appearance of wood effect in places that have traditionally been forbidding the use of wood, such as the bathroom, the kitchen and the veranda. Some manufacturers have even introduced the wood effect on glossy surfaces and the result is impressive! Terrazzo, a composite material consisting mainly of marble, quartz, granite and glass filings, and whose history traces back to ancient Egyptian mosaics, is now manufactured in Italy and has made its presence very intensely at the Cersaie Exhibition.

In Cyprus it used to be popular for many years and was referred to as “mosaic”. This is not an unknown material to the rest of the world either, since one of its most popular applications is at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Terazzo has made its comeback and, judging by its strong presence at the Cersaie Exhibition it seems like it is going to be one of the trends for this year,. Retro style has been present in many collections over the past few years, proving that vintage will never be out of fashion.

This year, Retro style returns with new modern and geometrical designs. Earthy and soft colours prevail, like terracotta, copper and rust colours, which add warmth and tranquillity to a space. Metal finish surfaces is the new trend that began to make its appearance. We still have to see if this trend is here to stay. Ceramic tiles for wall or floor coverings are made to resemble oxidized bronze or metal. Such surfaces are suitable for restaurants, bars or hotels, as they look impressive under the right lighting. At Epiphaniou Bath & Floors, we have added many new lines to our product range, including items we have carefully selected based on the new trends. Our experienced sales and design consultants will offer their advice to help our clients make the right choice, according to their taste, style and budget. You may follow our news and updates on Social media: Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as by direct communication sending us your comments and messages.

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