5 trends for 2022 to transform your bathroom

Great-looking bathrooms? A luxury we deserve

Bathrooms are frequently overlooked when it comes to design. We tend to pay attention to other areas in our homes, like the living room and our bedrooms, but when it comes to bathrooms… well, we simply leave it at the bottom of our priority list. But come to think of it, this is the one place in our homes where we can enjoy our solitude and truly relax. So why not make the most of it and create our very own zen space? 

Let’s check 5 bathroom trends for 2022.

Go… daring

As we are slowly exiting the pandemic restrictions, we yearn for fun and excitement. So, be on the lookout for things and colours to brighten the soul. Vivid colours like orange, bright yellow, pink and green, are not just trends for our clothes this year, but are expected to be seen on tiles and walls too!

Let’s brighten up our mood and use colour in our bathrooms. Let’s leave that clinical white to hospitals and dare to experiment with colour, plenty of texture, accessories and lots of wall art. This will transform the bathroom into a statement room, our place of indulgence. Floral mosaics, as well as patterned and textured ceramic tiles will give a distinctive character to our bathroom. Bold design has the ability to boost our energy.

Break the surfaces

Go for integrated materials and break down barriers between surfaces. Use the same material to cover your floors and walls. Try large slabs for true elegance and practicality. One of the pluses is the reduced need of grouting, thus less room for dirt and bacteria. 

Oversized tiles, apart from being luxuriously sized, give an impression of flow, bringing out the best of any pattern. An added benefit is that they alter our perception of space, making any tiny room look bigger. 

The options are limitless: whether marble or granite looking, or perhaps with a stone effect as an alternative, they all come with a shiny or matt surface, to suit different tastes.

Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology, slabs come as thin as 6mm, so the decision for a renovation is taken easier, knowing that they can be placed on top of old tiles, avoiding all the renovation havoc. 

Embrace luxury

Escape from everyday worries and enjoy a pampering experience in your bathroom. Consider a luxurious wall, a bold bath, a daring colour. Unclutter yourself and make your bathroom a special place, just for you. Try gold on the walls, fixtures, or furniture and make the room pop.

Even if you are the modest type, or a natural-tones lover, dare to experiment with this little extravagance in your private space. Gold is a warm alternative to the cold-looking and more ordinary chrome features.

You may want to go all the way and make your own special statement, or add just a touch. Consider a gold washbasin, gold water mixers, or just some gold accessories.

Marble with a twist

Marble is eternally elegant and classic. A timeless choice for bathrooms.  Go for the manufactured one, that comes as a popular alternative to the original. 

Check FMG MaxFine collection slabs, that offer consistent quality and superior technical characteristics. You can forget water absorption and high maintenance. FMG marble slabs are easy to clean and will always retain their original beauty.

The Marble Active surfaces by FMG is the only ISO-certified and internationally patented photocatalytic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-pollution ceramic surface in the world.  It is amazingly self-cleaning and anti-odour. Thanks to the action of light (natural or artificial) and humidity naturally present in the air, ACTIVE surfaces are able to perform these essential actions for safety and well-being in our bathrooms, kitchens and other surfaces in our homes. 

Black Elements

Add a dramatic hue to your space. Black is always trendy and sophisticated. It can be matched with any other colour and accentuate the room. 

Contrast a white bathtub with a matt concrete-effect wall, or a black terrazzo floor. Try a pattern or some geometrical shapes and make an one-of-a-kind design. 

Alternatively, keep it minimal with a touch of black for a slightly mysterious, chic and stylish look. Matte black finish accessories will give character to your bathroom and create a distinctive contrast with the white ceramic pieces.