The New Classic Washbasins with furniture, wc, bidet, bathtub and accessories

New collection from Laufen               

The new Saphir-Keramik collection ‘The New Classic’ design by Marcel Wanden is the new highlight from Laufen. Wander has re-interpreted classic forms in the bathroom with Saphir-Keramik. The design brings a human touch to the bathroom and alludes to times gone by, poetry and romance, without neglecting modern-day needs and the modern sense of style.

The New Classic Washbasins with furniture, wc, bidet, bathtub and accessories.

A collection of perfectly shaped innovations for the bathroom. The New Classic radiates the practicality of the harmonious form and combines it with contemporary style. A clear formal expression of modern elegance comes into being, which celebrates the bathroom as a place of cleanliness and purity.

The award-winning technological quantum leap of Saphir-Keramik turns every piece into a witness of progress, new level, and has been rewarded with the most prestigious design award.

New Faucets

Maximum functionality and a playful approach with distinctive lines. The proportions of these faucets are perfectly integrated in line for an unobtrusive yet exciting manner. A well- balanced whole comes into being which creates the feeling of tranquillity you expect from a modern bathroom. Wander’s all-embracing artistic concept of The New Classic sets its sights on consummate aesthetics in the bathroom and this presupposes the artistic interactions of the interiors.